Forgotten Metaphors

Metaphors can explain things very well.  They are creative, coming up with them requires creative thought.  They are an imaginative way of explaining things.

Metaphors can explain things very well.  There is a metaphor for almost anything that needs explaining.  But it takes a lot of imagination and thought to come up with a good metaphor.  So, if you ever can’t think of one, just know: there is a metaphor to explain this.  Eventually you’ll forget that you didn’t think of a metaphor, you’ll just remember that there’s a metaphor that you can no longer remember.


Finding Meaning

Everything I say that is perceived as insightful or thoughtful or philosophical is really just as shallow as a puddle of water on a flat surface.  But, occasionally, people see their own reflection in the water and ascribe to my thoughts something deep and meaningful of their own, shallow as it may be.